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FlickShow is part of BB-Media. A leading entertainment market research company.


Lack of information can lead potential buyers to lose interest in the Movies or TV Shows that took so much effort to create. Registering your content across several sites can be burdensome and even costly. Plus, it is difficult to keep track on your ratings, reviews and distribution opportunities.


To be present in the most well-known database platforms, in a complete way, with truthful data, uploaded by FlickShow, who has all the necessary information to demonstrate your Movies and TV Shows value and attractiveness.


FlickShow has special accounts on all these universal database websites where buyers and companies research about the different type of titles they want to acquire for their networks or streaming services.

Plus, FlickShow has partnered with the leading Marketplaces worldwide. We can get your titles in there as well!

Lastly, FlickShow is part of BB-Media, a research company that keeps track on the Streaming Availability of Movies and TV Shows across 153 countries and +2,400 Online Platforms

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Benefits of Flickshow

FlickShow is an exclusive service for Content Sellers who want to highlight their titles in the eyes of Buyers.

The websites that companies take as a reference when purchasing contents are: IMDb, TMDb, TVDb, EIDR, Douban, Kinopoisk, SensCritique, Filmweb and other. All of them are global in scope.

Furthermore, Movies and TV Shows Marketplaces are becoming more common and ubiquitous.

If you are a content creator, producer or distributor, you need to get your content out there. But this is not an easy task.

FlickShow has a streamlined process that makes this happen almost immediately. We will register your titles for you, in an automated manner for all universal sites. Plus, we will send you weekly updates on your performance, number of votes, scores, to add VALUE to your company, and also keep track on your titles availability worldwide.


Why is it important? What do the buyers want to know?



Creation of reliable databases for correct market studies used by Content Buyers all around the world.


Possibility of identifying who is the Producer of each work and its entire team: executives, directors, etc.


Actors and actresses who were part of the production and the entire cast who participated in the content.


Duration of a title, release date and closing date, if it was canceled while on the air, seasons, chapters.


The users of Universal Sites interact with the contents, the more score / popularity they have, the more relevant it is.


Content plot, if it is a new format, reboot, revival, sequel, prequel (not specifically genre)


Genre and subgenres of the title as well as tags / labels associated with the work with which users can identify.


When looking for a title on the internet, if it is relevant, figure out how attractive it is to the audience and will be more relevant.

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