BB Media present at Kidscreen Summit 2022   

BB Media will be present this month on the return of the KIDSCREEN Summit. Look at why this is one of the most important annual events.


Tomás Gennari, our CEO, will travel to InterContinential Miami to be present from July 18 to 21.

This attendance at KIDSCREEN Summit 2022 represents the opportunity to reinforce BB’s business network. But most importantly, to get critical dialogues about the industry’s panorama.

These relationships and conversations always turn out to be the basis for improving our services. Since having a clear picture of the situation, we will be able to continue creating solutions. And incorporating tools for our clients.

Why we will be at KIDSECREEN Summit 2022?

To discover news, and insights that enhance our knowledge.

Stay immersed in the current market needs and our industry’s challenges.

Renew our creativity and confirm our passion for the entertainment industry.

Make connections and share ideas to keep moving forward.


Where can you find us?

If you are interested in meeting Tomas at KIDSCREEN Summit, just make an appointment with him. His agenda during the event will be available soon.

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