Why you should start listing your titles on IMDb, TheMovieDb,
and other audiovisual databases.

While searching for what to watch next, viewers consider the title’s rating, poster, synopsis, and trailer. Every so often, the information in streaming platforms is not complete; there is neither trailer nor a clear plot. So, most of the time, people grab their phones and google your title looking for information in order to decide if it’s worth giving it a try or not. Once they googled it, two things can happen: One, your title is listed on sites like IMDb or TheMovieDb where they can check the audiences’ opinions, reviews, and more. Two, there are no results for that title. What happens then? Your film lost its chance.

In the following article, you will find why is key being part of these audiovisual databases, how content acquisition is made nowadays, and which are the most relevant sources around the world.

Going back, you might think why? Why won’t people choose my title for not being in these databases? The reason why this will happen is, that unless your title is famous enough to be recommended by some friend or specialized critic no one will dare to choose a film that is not listed. People base decisions on information, so most probably they will choose registered titles with reviews.

Like watchers, Content buyers base their decision-making process on data. Even though for buyers is more sophisticated, as algorithms are involved, they base their purchasing decisions on information. Nowadays, Content Intelligence analyzes metadata and titles’ performance -ratings, reviews-, in sites like IMDb, TheMovieDb, which are based on audiences’ opinion in order to decide what to license.

Content Intelligence is the reason why if you are a content producer, a studio, or a distributor will want your titles to be registered in these databases. Because, when they search for your titles, you will want them to find good information about it.

But, is it enough being listed in these databases?

Further important than being listed in these databases,  is showing the correct, verified and normalized metadata. You won’t want a big studio to go through your title and find out that information varies across sources. If there are different years, synopsis, directors, even genres. How would they evaluate and categorize your title? They won’t. They won’t take the time to deep dive in it, they will just toss it. So, the key here is normalization across databases.

Most relevant databases around the world:

You might wonder which are the most relevant around the world. Well, depending on the region there are different databases you can list your titles into. If you want to enter the Russian market, we will recommend you Kinopoisk, if the Asian viewers are the ones you want to attract then Douban is the one. Also, FilmWeb (Poland), SensCritique for French speaking countries.

Probably this is lots of information, but just keep in mind, listing and normalizing across databases and you’ll be fine!

Check our plans and prices to get your titles listed in the main databases with normalized metadata. Also, register in the main marketplaces, track your performance across platforms, and more.

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