Everything you need to know about Audiovisual Marketplaces

Nowadays the Audiovisual industry faces a challenging panorama where audiences are more demanding than ever – constant immediate needing new and different content -, and producers are offering a never-ending range of content –new and unknown genres are emerging- hence the purchasing decision becomes more difficult than ever. This new scene makes online catalogs and marketplaces a vital resource.

Audiovisual Marketplaces such as Exeest, Mena.tvProgramBuyer and Cinemarket were born to simplify transactions between producers and buyers. Primarly, because they give a space for content producers and distributors to upload -free or at a low cost- their productions, formats, and contents so buyers around the world can see them and buy them. Hence, this a big opportunity for small producers to gain visibility. Furthermore, audiovisual marketplaces help buyers decide what to buy and why to buy it, making easier what to show next, or produce next, as they can access an endless catalog of formats and contents from which to choose. Contents in audiovisual marketplaces are from all kind and color, pieces come from all around the world. The good news is, they are classified based on specific metadata such as: range, country, original language, production company, distributor, etc. simplifying the scouting and decision making of buyers


Register Movies and TV Shows on Exeest

A premium 24/7 global virtual entertainment marketplace for films and TV shows content discovery and delivery. This digital hub connects buyers and sellers of premium video, facilitates deals, and streamline the acquisition process.

Exeest has an extensive catalog from premiere Studios and Distributors like Caracol, Complex Networks, Telemundo, and much more.

Program Buyer:

An Audiovisual Marketplace that Showcases TV content from around the world. They are divided by genre, distributors, etc. making easier the searching process. Program buyer holds over 1000 titles, including niche content, with complete metadata. Also, it helps you building packages for channel launch.

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Cinemarket Audiovisual Marketplace Logo

Assist you from end to end in the selling/ purchasing process. Either you are searching for available rights, screening films, licensing films, sending offers, negotiating contracts, receiving royalties, or delivering material; Cinemarket is there for you. One of the biggest benefits is you keep the rights of your content and there is no exclusivity. Also, Cinemarket allows you to commercialize value-added assets such as posters, flyers, and BTS content.


Founded in 2017 and based in Dubai; Mena.TV is an online audiovisual marketplace that focuses on the Middle East and Northern Africa region. With more than 1.2 K certified content buyers and sellers, it offers +600 titles from Egypt, The Gulf, Iran, and other countries from the MENA region.

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Some of the most remarkable benefits audiovisual marketplaces offer are they will help you find the best shopper for your movies/the films that better match your audience, and keep track of rights and contracts for each of your projects. Furthermore,  they will improve your purchase planning and budgeting. With Audiovisual Marketplaces, the whole procurement process becomes more effective, organized, and time-saving as you won´t need to log in or survey different websites while searching for content. Also, they allow you to enter new markets, broadening your commercial horizons. In a nutshell, Audiovisual Marketplaces solve producers’ and buyers’ pain points as they are cost-effective, commission-free, and make connections between sellers and buyers faster, easier, and fairer.

By acquiring FlickShow, you get access to two of the global biggest audiovisual marketplaces. If you are a small producer, this is the opportunity for the world to come to know your work! Also, you get the chance to publish your content in eight of the best-known Universal Audiovisual Databases (UADb).

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