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What is EIDR?

The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR) is a not-for-profit industry association. Founded by MovieLabs, CableLabs, Comcast, and TiVo, it is intended to meet crucial needs across the entertainment supply chain.

EIDR ID Retailer

What are EIDR ID?

Like ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for books; EIDR IDs are a numeric commercial identifier. These IDs are intended to be unique and worldwide for each audiovisual title. They are a key solution for producers and distributors due to the audiovisual industry’s actual scenario.

EIDR ID Benefits

Increase Supply Chain Efficiencies:
Eliminate translations between ID Systems.
Lower risk of misidentification.
Improve asset tracking.
Improve match between assets and metadata from databases.

Enables value-added services:
Accurate rights tracking and reporting.
Simplify universal search and discovery.
Detailed consumption metrics for individuals assets.

EIDR Schema - Why EIDR - Register titles on EIDR

Why will EIDR IDs become increasingly important?

Nowadays, due to the emergence of digital technologies, the audiovisual supply chain has been completely modified. From content creation to post-production, distribution, and consumption, everything along the chain has changed. Hence, the increasing number of distribution channels and ways of consumption, made the audiovisual supply chain more complex in terms of interaction and explosion.

The actual panorama demands that, in order to effectively monetize assets, a universal code to standardly identify titles is needed. Consequently, this ID will help ease not only the content tracking but, the communication between producers/distributors with content buyers, broadcasts, and streaming platforms.

Wherever you are, with this unique ID code, producers, distributors, content buyers, or streaming platforms can track titles and access truthful and correct metadata about them.


FlickShow as an EIDR ID retailer.

FlickShow, an EIDR ID retailer

FlickShow is one of the two companies that are certified to provide EIDR IDs worldwide to audiovisual producers and distributors.

After reading this article you’ve learned that EIDR IDs are key to your business. If you want content producers, distributors, content buyers, and/or streaming platforms to know your titles, you need an EIDR ID.  Furthermore, this will help you increase your supply chain efficiency, simplify the communication with buyers, also prevent you from misidentification, apart from providing truthful and correct metadata about your contents.

By getting FlickShow, each of your titles will get an EIDR ID. Also, you will access the biggest and best-known Universal Audiovisual Databases (UADb)  and Audiovisual Marketplaces.

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