What is FlickShow Registrar?

FlickShow Is a one-stop registrar for movies, series, and tv shows. By just filling our registration form, your title can become part of the main audiovisual databases and marketplaces around the world, and you as a producer or distributor can access a lot of benefits.

To whom is intended?


Our service is a perfect solution for audiovisual producers and distributors who want to make their titles worldwide.

What makes FlickShow different?

With FlickShow not only you do get your titles registered around the main audiovisual databases, the one content buyers, broadcaster, and streaming services check while purchasing titles, but also you get an EIDR ID which is a must if you want to sell your titles to the big players of the industry. Furthermore, by registering your titles with FlickShow, you get access to the main audiovisual marketplaces, plus a title’s performance dashboard, with scores and distributions. Check our dashboards here.

Which are the benefits?


Become visible under the eyes of content buyers; nowadays content acquisition is made through data intelligence and algorithms analysis. If there is no data available about your movie, then it’s a total loss.

Expand your business entering new territories, by being part of the main databases and marketplaces, you get the opportunity of being noticed by broadcasters and streaming services from all around the world.

All data across different databases and marketplaces are normalized something key if you want to be consistent and clear about your title’s genre, type of content, tags, and synopsis.

You can keep track of your title’s performance, and distributions over the globe, with our personalized dashboard which provides weekly updates.

How it works?


Once you fill the form on our website (please see form here) we will ask you for some variables to complete. After that, the streamlined registration process begins.

After 72hs business hours you will receive a dashboard with deep links to each database and marketplaces where your titles are registered, plus your title’s score, and streaming availability in the legal and illegal market.

What do I get in return?

Your titles are registered in 8 main audiovisual databases (IMDb, TheMovieDB, Kinopoisk, and more), an EIDR ID, initial onboarding to 5 main marketplaces (Cinemarket, ProgramBuyer, Mena.tv, and others) around the world, additionally, a customized dashboard with all your title’s information, ratings, reviews, and distributions.

Is it free?


No, you can check our plan and prices here. Is a one-time payment, if you want us to keep updating your dashboard, you will have to renew the annual subscription.

How can I register my title?


You can register your title by filling this form.

Can you distribute my movie, series, or tv show?

At FlickShow we do not distribute movies, series, or tv shows, directly on us. We contact you with our partner marketplaces around the world who will help you distribute your title across the globe.

Do you buy scripts or complete films?


No, at FlickShow we buy neither scripts nor films, as we are not producers or library sellers.

How can I contact you to suggest or claim?


If you want to make any claims or suggestions to help us improve our services. Please contact: hello@flickshow.org

More info about FlickShow and BB Media


You can find more information about FlickShow and other BB Media Services at https://flickshow.org/about-flickshow/

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