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FlickShow is the most affordable way to update or to get an EIDR ID for your Movies and TV Shows.

What is EIDR?

EIDR is the leading and global universal unique identifier method for Movies and TV Shows.

Official EIDR ID Registrar

BB-Media > FlickShow is an official member the EIDR Association and a Retail Provider of EIDR IDs.

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We are the most affordable way to get an EIDR ID. Plus, it will be ready the next business day!

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Basic variables we will need from your Movies & TV Shows

Mandatory variables
  1. Title
  2. Type of Content [Movie / TV Show / others]
  3. Language
  4. Publication Status
  5. Release Date
  6. Country of Origin
  7. Production Company
Full list of variables supported by EIDR identifiers

All Mandatory variables – PLUS:

  1. Director
  2. Actor
  3. Description
  4. Runtime
  5. Alternate Titles
  6. Alternate Universal IDs
  7. Series Class
  8. Movies Class
  9. Child Objects (dependant from main IDs):
    1. Season
    2. Episode
    3. Edit
    4. Clip
    5. Manifestation

We will take any format

Excel – PDF – XML – JSON – API.

We will adapt to how you usually list your Titles.


Unsure about someting?

Do not worry. Our team of metadata experts will notify you if anything needs clarification.

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What you are getting

✓ EIDR ID Update or New Registration.

Extra FlickShow Perks

When registering more than 1 New Title:

BB-Content Tracker access.

Monitor your registered Movies or TV Shows across +2.400 Streaming Services in 153 countries.

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