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Learn more about Douban and how to register Movies and TV Shows on Douban.

What is Douban? is one of the biggest databases for Movies and TV Shows in Asia -and China in particular-.

So, you thought -with over 83 million registered users- was popular?
Think again. Douban has over 200 million registered users! (Source: Wikipedia)

Douban Screenshot - How to register Movies and Series on Douban


Fair enough, IMDb, TMDb or TheTVDB, only focus on Movies, Shows or Audiovisual content in general. Douban also covers other categories in its online database, like books, music and even events or other sort of related activities.

Nonetheless, the huge amount of traffic that Douban receives every day ranks it as website #428 worldwide! (Source:

Douban has a specific subdomain for Audiovisual content: . While it is only in Chinese, you can be sure that it is the must-go-database for every content buyer and seller in Asia.

Why should you register your Films and Shows on Douban?

Douban is your gateway to China and many growing Asian markets. This website allows Movies, TV Shows and any kind of audiovisual content to be registered, including metadata like Poster, Cast & Crew, Synopsis, Producers, etc.

Millions of users -plus content buyers from Asia in particular– evaluate the existence of contents, ratings and reviews in Douban before watching it or buying it. Many of these content buyers are even integrated with Douban’s API in order to automatically evaluate which contents they should be buying. Rest assured, if your title is not on Douban, your chances of a buyer licensing it will drop dramatically. 

Content Distribution - Douban Audience Geography

How to register your Movies, TV Shows and Audiovisual Content on Douban?

Douban is a Chinese only website, and the registering process has some caveats before a title is approved and published.

This can be daunting, we know. But fear not! FlickShow has a streamlined process to register titles on Douban, keeping genres, keywords, persons and synopsis the way they are supposed to.

Once your titles start showing up in Douban, users -and buyers- will be able to know of its existence, rate it, review it and this will increase your chances of distribution across China and Asia. Plus, FlickShow will keep track of these metrics, informing you of their evolution.

All of a sudden Asia and China do not seem so far away anymore.

What if your audience or some user has already registered your titles on Douban?

That’s great news! It means your content has surpassed a certain popularity threshold and you have someone that already cares for your title!

However, you should beware that the metadata and variables they may have uploaded, and also the posters and images, are probably not the ones you may want to show to the rest of the users. FlickShow will take care of that, editing, curating, normalizing and standardizing the existent records’ variables, metadata, posters and trailers, so that they look just the way you want them to.


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