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Learn more about EIDR and how to register Movies and TV Shows on EIDR.

Who is EIDR?

The Entertainment Identifier Registry is a non-profit association built by and for member companies.

What is EIDR?

EIDR (The Entertainment Identifier Registry) is a universal unique identifier for audiovisual content. What does that mean? This means that your content will have its own and unique global identifier, whether it’s a movie, a series, an episode, an edit or manifestation of the previous three, a collection, bundles of contents, clips, trailers and more!

How can I know if I need an EIDR? Well, that’s a very easy question to answer! Are you a part of the Entertainment Industry? Something related with television, movies, production, distribution, post-processing, a provider of services to the entertainment industry? Then, the answer is YES! You need an EIDR!

EIDR Members - How to register movies and tv shows on EIDR

, now another question pops up: How do I get an EIDR?  EASY!  EIDR offers a variety of memberships (USD 6,000 upwards). But for small and mid-sized producers and distributors, FlickShow, as an authorized EIDR retailer (source: EIDR Ready) can register Movies and TV Shows on EIDR for a very low price.

How does EIDR work?

EIDR Works on a standard Digital Object Identifier (DOI) technology, which evolves with the needs of the industry. Therefore, the sophisticated de-duplication module that EIDR is backed with guarantees uniqueness of all registry entries! Notably, it is regulated by its members and also the European Commission, who publishes guidelines to mandate the use of standard IDs for audiovisual content.

What is EIDR’s purpose?

EIDR’s main goal is to administer and promote a unique and universal content identification method for every title in existence. In other words, a serial number for every audiovisual content in the world. This aims to help the Media and Entertainment community, making it more efficient and organized!

EIDR Schema - Why EIDR - Register titles on EIDR
Without EIDR Schema - Why EIDR - EIDR Registration

Characteristics and Benefits

Registering Movies and TV Shows on EIDR leads you to:

  1. An automated VOD or linear delivery, ingestion and dynamic ad insertion, accurate metadata matching and acquisition,
  2. An efficient catalog matching, automated rights reports and recovery,
  3. Standardized content discovery across operators, vendors, platforms and geographies
  4. Faster roll-up data across different platforms, workflows and channels, direct audience measurement across platforms.


Why is it important?

Let’s pretend and treat an audiovisual content as a book: you can’t buy a book without knowing it’s serial number. In effect, that code leads you to: where did that book go, in what part of the world and who has it available, where did it came from. Thus, to have an EIDR is to give your audiovisual content that serial, universal, unique number to keep track of it and have everything in one same place.

Therefore, having that code or ID representing your content will let you have a more organized portfolio of your contents, which is now very important in a very digital world!

Moreover, many Streaming Services are making EIDR a mandatory step before licensing titles. So this is just as necessary as registering your contents on universal audiovisual databases like IMDb, The Movie Database, KinoPoisk or Douban.

In conclusion, don’t miss out and be a part of the change! Join us in this amazing opportunity to be a part of the Digital ID world. Let’s do it!


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