Learn more about IMDb and how to register Movies and TV Shows on IMDb.

What is IMDb?

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IMDb, or Internet Movie Database is one of the most popular online databases with information on Films, TV Shows, Video Games and Online Content, worldwide. IMDb.com, Inc, is currently a subsidiary of Amazon. It also covers metadata for each Title, like cast & crew, production companies, distributors and personal biographies from actors and directors.

As of December 2020, IMDb ranks as the site #69 with most Monthly Visitors worldwide! Plus, a staggering count of 137,000 other websites link into IMDb. So, do not be left out and get your contents on IMDb right now!

Why should you register your Films and Shows on IMDb?

If you register your Movies and TV Shows on IMDb, their audience -and potential buyers for your content- will also be able to find out the runtime of your titles, age ratings, genre, keywords, release date, synopsis, poster, images and even your trailer!

IMDb also allows its registered users to vote and review your content, making it very appealing to potential buyers to check out before deciding on licencing what you have got to offer.


How many titles are currently listed on IMDb?

As of December 2020, IMDb covers about 7.5 million titles (including episodes). That is a 1 million increase since January 2020! All the more reason why you shouldn’t be left out!

How many users does IMDb have?

IMDb has 83 million registered users (source: Wikipedia). But their MAU (Monthly Active Users) is much higher than that. It currently ranks as the website #69 in global internet engagement (source: Alexa.com). In the US, their rank is #44, showing how much stronger IMDb.com is in western countries and culture. Getting your Films and TV Shows on IMDb should be complemented with registering them on Douban, Kinopoisk, Filmweb and other websites, which are stronger in Eastern countries.
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How to register your Movies, TV Shows and Audiovisual Content on IMDb?

The process can be burdensome. Any free IMDb account can do it, but with certain limitations. On the other hand, IMDb Pro users (paid IMDb version) have access to uploading more variables and editing certain aspects that the free users cannot. FlickShow has got this covered for you. Our streamlined registering process will get your titles up and running in no time, and with no limitations on the variables, images and datapoints. Plus, it will only take us a day to get your titles online!


What if your audience or some user has already registered your titles on IMDb?

That’s great news! It means your content has surpassed a certain popularity threshold and you have someone that already cares for your title!

However, you should beware that the metadata and variables they may have uploaded, and also the posters and images, are probably not the ones you may want to show to the rest of the users. FlickShow will take care of that, editing, curating, normalizing and standardizing the existent records’ variables, metadata, posters and trailers, so that they look just the way you want them to.


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