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Learn more about KinoPoisk and how to register Movies and TV Shows on KinoPoisk.

What is KinoPoisk?

KinoPoisk - How to register movies and tv shows on KinoPoisk is the world’s third largest Films and Series website, coming only after Douban and IMDb.

In addition, this vast audiovisual database allows for user registration and social interactions. Overall, it has 93 million visits per month! (Source: Wikipedia)

KinoPoisk, or КиноПоиск, if you speak Russian, was launched in 2003. Notably, its name means “Cinema Search”, and true to its name, that is exactly what it does. In 2013 it was acquired by Yandex, a Russian IT & Software juggernaut (and a leading Google alternative for many Asian and Europeans countries). Ever since, KinoPoisk has accelerated its growth, adding social capabilities and even launching its own SVOD: KinoPoisk HD. Audiovisual database launchin its own Streaming Service? Ring a bell anyone, IMDB TV?

As of January 2021, KinoPoisk ranks #3,006 in global internet engagement. Conversely, it is ranked #118 in Russia, #150 in Belarus, #397 in Slovakia and it is even a TOP 1,000 in Germany! In essence, these are all-round outstanding metrics. (Source: Alexa)

Why should you register your Films and Shows on KinoPoisk?

The site is only available in Russian. However, any Movie or TV Show looking forward to gain distribution in Russia and its vicinity, definitely needs to be listed here.

This website allows every audiovisual content to detail its metadata. By all means, it is a great way to communicate to the audience, what your titles are about. Furthermore, include details on actors, directors, plot, seasons, episodes, genres, subjects involved, production companies and more.

On one hand you will let their visitors know about the existence of your Movies and TV Shows. But what is even better, on the other hand, KinoPoisk is extremely used by content buyers from Russia and surrounding countries. If you want your titles to be noticed, registering them in KinoPoisk is your duty as producer or distributor!

KinoPoisk - Audience Geography

How to register your Movies, TV Shows and Audiovisual Content on KinoPoisk?

While KinoPoisk is free to browse, only registered users can participate socially, create lists and interact. Only verified users can request for titles to be created. KinoPoisk is in Russian only, and the registering process can be ravelling. This is where FlickShow comes in. 

Markedly, our streamlined process will get your films and shows registered in KinoPoisk rapidly and effectively. Plus, we will take care of the language caveats and keep genres, people, synopsis, posters and metadata the way it is supposed to.

Once your titles start showing up in KinoPoisk, users -and buyers as well!- will be able to know of their existence. They will rate them, review them and this will increase your chances of distribution across Russia and many other markets. Even more, FlickShow will keep track of these metrics, informing you of their evolution.

Want to get your titles distributed in Russia? This is step number one! За успех!

What if your audience or some user has already registered your titles on KinoPoisk?

That’s great news! It means your content has surpassed a certain popularity threshold and you have someone that already cares for your title!

However, you should beware that the metadata and variables they may have uploaded, and also the posters and images, are probably not the ones you may want to show to the rest of the users. FlickShow will take care of that, editing, curating, normalizing and standardizing the existent records’ variables, metadata, posters and trailers, so that they look just the way you want them to.


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