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What is SensCritique?

SensCritique - How to register movies and tv shows on SensCritique

SensCritique is a leading media and entertainment French-based website. It allows for users to discover, rate and write reviews about films, TV Shows, books, comic books, music albums and videogames. It was born on 2011, mainly focused on sharing opinions on content and culture. Since then, it has grown into a key influential site on what the audience thinks about movies and series for virtually all french-speaking countries.

Furthermore, it is presented as a social media platform. Thus, users get the chance to choose other people they want to follow, based on common interests.

Why is it important for you to register Movies and TV Shows on SensCritique?

Firstly, one of the main goals of SensCritique is for users to critique content, it is very important for your Film or TV Show to be present. This way, you can learn and understand different positions given from the people who watched it.

Secondly, what better way of understanding what people like and dislike when they wrote it themselves? The audience has the opportunity to debate about a content, share ideas in a great environment, adding value to your content.

Lastly, SensCritique is a widely adopted site for content buyers to check on, before licensing contents. Content buyers search across the world for contents that will make an impact on their audience and subscribers. That goes for both positive or AND negative impacts! Leaving a mark is what makes a difference. And content buyers have plenty to choose from nowadays. If your titles are not even on SensCritique, rest assured, your chances of them buying your titles will drop dramatically.


How many titles are currently listed on SensCritique?

One year after its launch, the site already had 35,000 subscribers, 200,000 reviews and 6 million rated titles. (Source: Wikipedia)

How many users does SensCritique have?

SensCritique is ranked as the #11,040 in global internet traffic and engagement as to January 2021 (source: Even more, it has an outstanding engagement in French speaking countries. It is ranked #260 in France, #957 in Senegal and #32,462 in Canada to name a few.

Getting your Films and TV Shows on SensCritique should be complemented with registering them on TheTVDB, IMDb, Douban, Kinopoisk and Filmweb.

SensCritique - Audience Geography

How to register Movies and TV Shows on SensCritique?

SensCritique is a french only website. This can be difficult for non-french speakers. But worry not! FlickShow has a streamlined process to get new titles on SensCritique. Moreover, the metadata and variables from your movies and shows will be normalized to the local language.

Most importantly, once we get your content on SensCritique, you will be able to track how it evolves over time on our personalized FlickShow Dashboards. After that, you will keep tabs on the audience ratings and reviews. Amazing!

Click here to start the registering process.

What if your content is already there?

That’s great news! It means your content has surpassed a certain popularity threshold and you have someone that already cares for your title!

However, you should beware that the metadata and variables they may have uploaded, and also the posters and images, are probably not the ones you may want to show to the rest of the users. FlickShow will take care of that, editing, curating, normalizing and standardizing the existent records’ variables, metadata, posters and trailers, so that they look just the way you want them to.


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