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What is

TheTVDB - How to register movies and tv shows on TheTVDB is one the biggest community-driven databases on TV Shows and Movies worldwide. Furthermore, many other websites and Apps rely on their database for their own services. In consequence, titles listed on TheTVDB reach millions of users and households around the world.

TheTVDB was acquired by Whip Media Group a few years ago, increasing the TheTVDB’s reach across the entire industry. According to, as of January 2021, ranks #28,089 in global internet engagement. What’s even more, it is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and North America.

Why should you register your Films and Shows on TheTVDB?

A title registered on TheTVDB will not only be visible for the vast population of monthly users the site has. It will also be listed on TheTVDB partner websites and Apps that rely on their API and database for their own projects. In consequence, this multiplying factor makes TheTVDB an incredibly appealing website were all Movies and TV Shows should be made available.

TheTVDB allows for content creators to register the standard variables like genres, actors, directors, seasons, episodes and runtime. But, in addition, they also have a unique taxonomy system for tagging contents, with keywords and content categories. This feature is very valuable for content buyers looking for particular types of contents. For example check out the taxonomy for Occupations of the characters in the film or show:

TheTVDB - Taxonomy

Lastly, all registered users can vote, review and critic Movies and Shows. They can also add them to their custom lists and mark them as a favorite title. In order to distribute your titles, making it available for your audience to include them in their lists or even fav them, goes a long way to building a bigger audience and distribution.

How many titles are currently listed on TheTVDB?

TheTVDB emphasizes the accuracy of their database. As of January 2021, TheTVDB lists nearly 300,000 titles (movies and shows). These contents are created by 15,000 regularly contributing authorized editors. BB & FlickShow being one of these specially authorized editors.

TheTVDB’s audience and user base

Getting your titles on TheTVDB will grant you visibility on million of users that visit their site every day. However, it gets better, TheTVDB is very strong in countries were other sites like TMDB, Kinopoisk, IMDB or Douban have smaller audiences. This website has huge audiences in Germany, Portugal, Canada, the Middle East and also South East Asia.

As a result, TheTVDB is a great complement and a mandatory site where all your titles should be registered.

 How to register your Movies, TV Shows and Audiovisual Content on TheTVDB?

FlickShow is a validated and authorized contributor and editor in TheTVDB. Our streamlined process will get your titles registered and available in less than 24 hours!

In order to make this happen, the variables we need are pretty straightforward and can be found here.

TheTVDB - Audience Geography

What if your audience or some user has already registered your titles on TheTVDB?

That’s great news! It means your content has surpassed a certain popularity threshold and you have someone that already cares for your title!

However, you should beware that the metadata and variables they may have uploaded, and also the posters and images, are probably not the ones you may want to show to the rest of the users. FlickShow will take care of that, editing, curating, normalizing and standardizing the existent records’ variables, metadata, posters and trailers, so that they look just the way you want them to.


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