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Learn more about TMDb and how to register Movies and TV Shows on TMDb.

What is TMDb?

TMDb - How to register movies and tv shows on TMDb

The Movie Database (TMDb) is a community-built movie and TV database born in 2008. What makes them different is that all the metadata was and is being uploaded by their community from around the globe. They offer, metadata for TV Shows and Movies and allow for users interaction with the content. But they also have more in-depth information about content, such as posters, fanart, and more: 1,000+ images are being added every day.

Why is it important for you to register Movies and TV Shows on TMDb?

Over 200,000 developers and companies are using the platform, making TMDb a leading source for metadata. They are an international website, supporting 39 languages and being used in over 180 countries around the world.

For instance, to register your content on TMDb means that, not only a worldwide audience. Also potential buyers will be checking out, voting, investigating and learning about your content. Moreover, your Films and Shows will be available with their full information: runtimes, genres, release date, distribution, posters, images and more!

Following the same line as other universal databases, users are allowed to vote and rate contents. Achieving a high score shall add value to your titles and grant you a higher exposure to more content buyers.

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What if your content is already there?

Congrats! Someone was so invested on your film or TV Show that they took the time to upload it!

Since their focus is mainly on the content added by their community, for your content to be a part of their database means that people all around the globe are watching, and even better, enjoying your content so much to add it on TMDb. From a buyer’s point of view, that is a very important asset to have.

There is some information that not all people know or have, that is when we come into the picture. FlickShow will take care of editing, curating, normalizing and standardizing the existent records’. This covers all your titles’ variables, metadata, posters and trailers, so that they look just the way you want them to. 

How many titles are currently listed on TMDb?

As of January 2021, TMDb has about 3 million titles (including episodes). In addition, as of this writing, TMDb ranks as the website #8,742 in global internet engagement (Source: TMDb is much more stronger on middle eastern countries, being ranked #7,973 in India, #773 in Pakistan and #831 in Morocco to name a few. Uploading your Films and TV Shows on TMDb should be complemented with registering them on IMDb, Douban, Kinopoisk, Filmweb and other websites to be stronger in Middle Eastern countries.


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