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Basic variables we will need from your Movies & TV Shows

Mandatory variables
  1. Original Title
  2. Type of Content (e.g. Movie / TV Show)
  3. Poster
  4. Genres
  5. Runtime
  6. Country of Origin
  7. Release Date / Year
  8. Actors
  9. Directors
  10. Synopsis
  11. Production Company
  12. Language (Main only)
  13. Production Year
  14. Status (Planning, Pre-Production, In Production, Distribution, Released)
  15. Type of Video (e.g. Cinematic / TV / Video / Manifestation)
Full list of variables supported by Universal Movies and TV Shows identifiers

All Mandatory variables – PLUS:

  1. Adult Movie (Yes/No)
  2. Alternate Titles (Same Language or other Languages. Specify language for each Alternate Title)
  3. Aspect Ratio
  4. Awards / Nominations
  5. Box Office – USA / Worldwide / Other Countries
  6. Budget
  7. Cast / Auspices / Below the Line
  8. Certificate (Ratings) Information
  9. Color / Black&White
  10. Companies Involved (Distributor, Networks, Streaming Platforms, Special Effects, Studios)
  11. Compilation (Yes/No)
  12. Filming Locations
  13. IMDB ID (if already available. If not FlickShow shall create one)
  14. Keywords / Tags
  15. Languages Availability: Dubbing and Subtitling
  16. Other External Links and Ids
  17. Overview
  18. Photos and Backdrop images
  19. Production Company Information (e.g. Country of origin / Contact Details)
  20. Short (Yes/No)
  21. Sub-genres
  22. Sub-type (TV Series, Mini, TV Movie, Special)
  23. Tagline
  24. Trailer (URL)
  25. Trivia
  26. Type of Content (e.g. Movie / TV show / Video Game)
  27. Writers
  28. [Series] Seasons
  29. [Series] Episodes / Name / Overview / Air Date
  30. [Series] All metadata can be repeated at Episode level as well

We will take any format

Excel – PDF – XML – JSON – API.

We will adapt to how you usually list your Titles.


Unsure about someting?

Do not worry. Our team of metadata experts will notify you if anything needs clarification.

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Ratings and reviews tracking [Registering +2 Titles].

Monitor your Movies or TV Shows across +2.400 Streaming Services in 153 countries. [Registering + 100 Titles]

BB-Content Tracker access. [Registering + 100 Titles]

Full BB-Streaming Availability monitor for every existent Movie and TV Show. [Registering + 100 Titles]

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