Rio 2C, the biggest meeting of creativity in Latin America

Be ready for 3 days of a unique exhibition of digital projects. The biggest creativity meeting in Latin America is going to address topics such as Science, Technology, and Education, among others.

FlickShow will be present at a meeting of international weight to be aware of the latest in the industry. On April the 27 we will be there seeking to inform, inspire, educate, provoke and transform. Mercedes Mendes Garrido will represent us in this meeting that is going to take place in the Cidade das Artes.

The most creative minds in the market will present themes that seek the new and insist on doing differently. The main trends, cases and transformations of brands, marketing, media and publicity will be discussed. In addition, social and environmental issues, and the urgent challenges that impact the planet  will also be addressed. In effect, the 17 environmental objectives set by the UN are going to guide all these topics.

Rio2C will also bring the future to the present. For instance, analyzing new technologies and how these impact life and transform the world: work-life and the future of the work, enterprises and education. In conclusion, it will bring us closer to the public of the digital universe as immersive means. Public like gamers, metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, among others. Likewise artists, entrepreneurs, producers, show promoters and streaming platforms will discuss the present and future of music.

Debates, business and networking will be the current currency of this meeting, providing a unique opportunity for growth. Above all, producers, creators, executives and distributors will connect with the aim of giving more visibility to independent creators.

In addition, Rio 2C will seek to bring young people closer to companies and professionals in the creative industry. More than 200 offices, workshops, masterclasses, keynotes and panelists will talk about future and bring academia closer to industry.

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