The SVOD market begins to feel the turnover.  

So far the battle between streaming services is to acquire the largest number of subscribers, but that is changing. Nowadays it seems that the most important thing is to retain people, and to be a service they want to have.


Today subscriber turnover is at an all-time high, and the big players in the industry are breaking their heads thinking about strategies and actions to reduce this. Streamers jump from platform to platform month by month, looking for new and better content, or more tempting offers.

Turnover accelerates if the economic climate worsens, and consumers are looking to cut costs and beat rampant inflation. So the question is to be a “necessary” service that is worth having.

Is my streaming service necessary? The answer will vary between different households. For example, people with young children will have as an essential the Disney+ service, with its content mostly for children. Fans of publicly acclaimed drama series will likely stick with HBO Max or Hulu.

The most valued streaming service to this day is Netflix, but this is changing rapidly. Their subscribers are falling rapidly, either because of the great offer there is, or because of the high costs of the service. Hand in hand with this, it is also lowering its value on Wall Street, while its competitors are on the rise. It will probably also affect the price increase that their plans had since January, becoming the most expensive platform in the market.

At the moment its subscriber base has not changed much, but as a pioneer of the market, it is already beginning to think about other options to achieve a battle against this new problem of subscriber turnover. Netflix is still synonymous with streaming for many people, and it’s something you don’t get easily.

Netflix remains the most watched single streaming server, and its share of the global demand for original content remains largely diverse. Compared to competitors like Amazon and Disney, Netflix outperforms them by 30 percent.

Added to this, a recent report by Hub Entertainment Research states that 68 percent of Netflix users classify the service as a must-have, rather than a pleasant service to have. This makes it, according to users, the most valuable SVOD service and with a very large margin compared to its competitors.

For all the above, currently begin the doubts about how long this status of essential will last. It also remains to be analyzed if the changes that the platform is beginning to bring (cheaper plans with advertising, different offer) can slow down this rotation or stop it completely.

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