TopGun sweeps theaters! Is the return of the classics coming up? 

Tom Cruise, one of the last superstars of today’s cinema, is the one who supposedly insisted that this film not be released in streaming, and he was right. TopGun this path to be a great success. The film not only works, but also manages to make us feel within the story.

Under the direction of Joseph Kosinski (“Oblivion”), Cruise’s older, steepest Maverick seems to have grown and changed. He is still grieved by the death of his teammate, Goose, and feels that his abilities have been reduced. Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount achieve a perfect sequel full of nostalgia and action. It’s two hours of pure visceral fun on the big screen, which feels very retro. In the best possible sense.

With this great success, what will be the next classic of the 80s that we will see on the big screen? For my part I would like to see Back to the Future, but let’s analyze which film has the potential to achieve it.

If we analyze the movies that people want to see, BeetleJuice and DirtyDancing take the podium in a survey conducted by TheQuorum. Indiana Jons, who placed fourth, won’t have to wait long for the big screen as the sequel is expected next summer.

We hope to see in the future return of the classics of cinema to the big plant.

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