Voice searches: an alternative that will improve the value of our service 

The advancement of voice search technology is becoming more and more noticeable, discover why you should integrate these tools into your service.


To continue being leaders in our industry, we must adapt our services as consumers’ behaviors change. In this case, towards automation by voice searches.

Although the entertainment market was not one of the first to incorporate these technologies, the media that use our content do have them and our clients use them. 

How does it serve the audiovisual industry adapted to voice controls?

The interaction with the digital attendees will not be just one more provision to offer to the users. In addition, they become guides for improving the quality of the service we offer. Since we can use the paths of the consumer during the search. How? to define and optimize our content and marketing strategies.

These forms provide us with data ranging from content choices to interaction modes and preferred devices. Thus, we can position ourselves as brands with the best user experience.

Voice search usage on the rise

In figures, its adoption has grown faster than the acquisition of smartphones. The trade-in of this search technology will reach $80 billion by 2023. And this figure is mainly based on the consumption of video content. Is that voice searches have been standardized in the new remote controls and TVs with iOS or Android systems.

Recent studies by Guts+Data have shown it. In one of them, half of the consumers among 1,000 respondents have used voice commands in their searches for movies or series on streaming services.

In conclusion, hands-free command technology is growing rapidly, and we must be opportunistic. How? taking from this reality the chances of generating value for our businesses and better connecting with our audiences.

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