Why should you register your titles on Universal Audiovisual Databases?

Universal Audiovisual Databases (UADb) are a worldwide solution for people who are searching what to watch but cannot decide due to the variety the industry offers, plus, the impossibility of knowing all the available content. These collaborative platforms are places where common-users and experts come together. Here they classify and rank content, as well as, provide reviews, biographies of actors, and places where to watch.

Audiovisual Databases bring popularity and exposure to your content, key if you want to stand out among your competitors and audience. Addittionally, they give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons by reaching new audiences and markets. If you are a content producer or distributor, for sure you will want to be part of it.

By utilizing FlickShow, your content will be published in eight of these globally recognized Universal Audiovisual Databases. This will help you improve your metadata synchronization and better merchandise your content.

FlickShow work with Universal Audiovisual Databases partners such as: 

EIDR (Entertainment Identifier Registry):

A UADb that provides a universal and unique identifier system for movie and television assets. This includes: Titles, Class, Original Language, Release date, Registrant, Regional variations, Director’s cut, and so much more. EIDR contains over 440.000 titles and is intended to supplement existing asset identification systems. If you are a content producer, distributor or service provider company involved in the entertainment industry, you will need to register your valuable assets. Learn more about EIDR.

IMDb (Internet Movie Database):

Worldwide known for its databases of Films, TV Shows, Video Games and Online Content. IMDb is an Amazon Company service, that provides metadata for each published Title. Cast & crew, production company, distributors, and biographies of actors and directors, rank, just to mention some. Also, it provides free streaming channels, IMDB original video series, and podcasts. It currently covers about 7.5 million titles and has 83 million registered users around the world, most of them locates in the US and Western countries. Read more about IMDb.

TheTVDB (The Television Database):

Created by fans and used by content providers, video distributors, device manufacturers, entertainment retailers, and platforms providers; TVDB is a community-driven entertainment metadata provider. Composed of a vast catalog of digital media metadata fields, it registers over 118.000 Tv Series and 145.000 movies. Futrhermore, TheTVDB certifies the information accuracy and completeness for each of its titles. Read more about TheTVDb.

TMDb (The Movie Database):

A community-built movie and TV database that became a premiere source for metadata due to its extensive catalog and international focus. Registering more than 500.000 movies, TMDB supports 39 languages, being used in 180 countries daily.  Read more about TMDb.

Chinese interest-based social networking platform that strives to cover a wide range of entertainment -Books, movies, TV, shows, music, marketplace-. One of the most influential websites in Asia, Douban is a community-based site where word of mouth and reviews are their biggest asset. Niche content can be found due to its lifestyle-drivers users. It has more than 200 million registered users, mostly located in the Eastern Countries. Read more about Douban.

Polish leading movie website, with an online database of films, tv series, videogames, and actors. It allows registered users to classify and rank pieces, search for lookalike content and taste-like users. Currently, it has 5.4 million registered users, mostly located in Europe. Read more about Filmweb.

A French social network specialized in evaluating cultural goods -films, tv-series, books, comics, albums, videogames-. A space for cultural fans to guide each other in the search of their next films or series to watch. Sense Critique is free to use and its visitors are mostly located in Europe. Read more about Sense Critique.

The top AD in Russia, part of Yendex group, an online database about films, TV shows, casts, production teams and much more. Since 2018, KinoPosk offers a VOD streaming service with a wide range of films, series, cartoons and Avant premiers. Read more about KinoPoisk.

Universal Audiovisual Databases are also a daily source of intelligence for content buyers. Whenever a distributor or producer pitches their movies or shows at a potential buyer, the first thing they do is search for these titles on this Audiovisual Databases, looking for ratings, reviews, and keywords. If your titles are not even there… it is your loss entirely!

By registering your titles with FlickShow, your contents will be seen in all main Audiovisual Databases, all around the world!

Show UADb coverage around the world

After this overview, you now know the importance of being part of Audiovisual Databases, how showing your content on them will help you, not only to gain more popularity but to broaden your commercial horizons. FlickShow brings you an all-in-one proposal of posting your content in these Audiovisual Databases while receiving weekly reports and dashboards about your content performance and metadata.

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